Unsere माया has gone to the “five elements”.

We took Maya to the vet yesterday because she had a breathing problem. The vet x-rayed her, gave her a steroid shot and an antibiotic. In spite of all that and our TLC she died last night. She was born 25 May, 1999 and died early yesterday evening, 6 November, 2008. We gave her a good life and shall miss her.

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Interests: Sanskrit, Hindi, Classical Greek, Latin, French, German Philosophy: especially Friedrich Nietzsche and South Asian Indian thought Computers
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3 Responses to Unsere माया has gone to the “five elements”.

  1. Adolf says:

    I had forgotten to add that a yellow jacket (a kind of wasp) had stung her; she was ultra-sensitive to the poison and died. Dies ist ja schade und ich weine noch. अफ़ोस है परन्तु मै जीऊँ । – कल कौन जाने? दुःखमस्ति ॥

  2. Adolf says:

    Yesterday (10 January, 2009) Microsoft released the ßeta of Windows 7. I plan to test it on one computer.

  3. Adolf says:

    Microsoft will release Office 2010 to TechNet subscribers this coming Thursday (04.22.2010). In particular I am excited about the new TTS (text-to-speech) feature.

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