Veridical, today’s ‘Word-of-the-Day’, brings to mind its use in India’s two national epics, the ‘RaamaayaNam’ & the ‘Mahaabhaaratam’. In both epics one of the highest moral values one could practice was ‘truth-saying’. The etymology of today’s word, i.e. ‘veri’ = truth and ‘dic’ = saying, is analogous to the Sanskrit word सत्य + वद (truth + saying). Neither the word’s use nor indeed the action of ‘truth-telling’ are very common in these mendacious times but the parallel etymology interested me.


धर्मे चार्थे च कामे च मोक्षे च भरतर्षभ |

यदिहास्ति तदन्यत्र। यन्नेहास्ति न तत् क्वचित्॥(१/६२/५३)

dharme cārthe ca kāme ca mokṣe ca bharatarṣabha/

yad ihāsti tad anyatra yan nehāsti na tat kvacit//(1.62.53)

“O King! In matters pertaining to Dharma (righteousness), Artha (economics), Kama (desires), and Moksha (liberation), whatever has been said here may be found elsewhere, but whatever is not found here does not exist anywhere else!


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